Steve Holden welcomes guests during his Open Bastion launch in Portland Oregon

Mar 2, 2011   //   by Nate DiNiro   //   Blog, Open Source  //  No Comments

Renown Pythonista, founder of PyCon and Python Foundation board member Steve Holden moves to Portland, Oregon and announces The Open Bastion

On the evening of February 18, 2011, Steve Holden assembled a group of leaders and stakeholders from various communities in the Portland, Oregon open source, technology, government and health IT sectors. Holden, an open source denizen well-known for his leadership within the community of Python open source programming language, assembled the group to announce his newest project, The Open Bastion, and to create more connections, conversation and collaboration amongst the interests represented. The Open Bastion, an attempt to provide a beachhead for open source projects to flourish, basing itself in Portland to leverage the energy and passion of the local open source community as much as to give back to the community which claims Linus Torvalds as one of its own.

While the gathering was a chance for Steve to meet folks in the community and begin connecting the dots amongst the leaders, it was also a call to action and Steve’s chance to test Portland’s cred as the epicenter of the open source technology movement.

For more information visit Steve Holden’s blog, and you can follow him on Twitter as @holdenweb or at @theopenbastion. Also check out a post detailing Steve and the event over at Rick Turoczy’s Silicon Florist blog.

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